File extension hsf is used by following file type(s):

File extension hsf file type 1 description:
HOOPS stream file

The HSF file extension is related to HOOPS Stream format. The OpenHSF Initiative is an industry-wide effort to establish HOOPS Stream Format (HSF) as a common, open and rich streaming format for sharing visualization data between disparate engineering applications.

OpenHSF represents the only truly open visualization format geared specifically toward engineering, making it the ideal solution for sharing visual models between the myriad of applications used within the greater PLM marketplace.

Supported by dozens of software vendors and end users and already imported/exported from a wide range of popular applications, OpenHSF is enabling lightweight 2D/3D models to move smoothly through concept, design, analysis, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce, maintenance and end-of-life phases that make up the full product life-cycle.

that open hsf files:
HOOPS (Microsoft Windows)


File extension hsf file type 2 description:
Lizard Protector Web Content Security protected web content

File extension is used by Lizard Protector Web Content Security.

that open hsf files:
WEB CONTENT SECURITY (Microsoft Windows)